A lot of people are on the fence about utilizing a Web site to explore their matrimonial options. Some people prefer to stick with more traditional methods of match-making, while others are perhaps open to it, but a bit fearful about posting information about themselves on the Internet.

Both have valid arguments, however one thing that needs to be considered is that our times are changing. The Internet plays a more vital role in our day-to-day life than it did ten years ago, so it only makes sense that new methods to meet our life partner crop up that involves the Internet.

It is important that YOU are comfortable with whichever method you decide to pursue. I personally love the Internet, and I do not mind utilizing the Internet to find my life partner – I just wanted to provide a resource to talk about some basic concerns that I often hear people relay here that may offer you some food for thought.

Negatives Reviews About Shaadi.Com

First of all, when you are taking in reviews about Shaadi.Com, you have to consider whether the person is reviewing the courtship process or the site itself. I am a woman, I have a profile on and on another popular matrimonial site, and I have met people from these sites as well as through other methods. I have learned over many years of meeting some great people that some people are not so great. In fact, there are a lot of guys out there that are … not so great. This should not be a reflection of the site, but rather our culture, or manhood in general.



It is important to make that distinction that just because you meet a guy that is lame off, that is not necessarily a reflection on There are lame men everywhere.

Can I Get Scammed on Shaadi.Com?

If you are referring to being scammed BY, I think that the people at Shaadi.Com have a customer service infrastructure that you do not really have to worry about that sort of practices. Besides, you are most likely making your purchases by credit card, and ultimately, your credit card company will protect you from fraudulent purchases.

If you are referring to unscrupulous people on the site that get past Shaadi.Com’s filters and that may try to run a game on you and in the end “scam” you – is this possible? Of course it is – in fact, that is possible in any arena of dating, whether it be online or otherwise. However if you are smart about the way you interact with people, just like you would be in real life, you can reduce or even eliminate the risks involved with online dating.